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Shenzhen Zhongxi Wines CO.LTD
Address:Room 1410,Huatong Building  #2127 East Sungang Road,Luohu District, Shenzhen

Post Code: 518022

Customer Service: 400 666 9981

Fax Line: 0755 25923350

Email : hyb@china999.com
Company Profile / Company Profile

Brief Introduction

Zhongxi Wine Company is a professional wine importer and facilitator, a Senior Vice Chairman Company of Guangdong Spirit Industry Association and the Founder of Canton-Hongkong-Macau Wine Distributors Union, and we got appraised as ‘Excellent Distributor ‘ by the  China Association Of Alcohol Circulation.

After 20 years of hardworking on foreign trade, we have developed direct trade links with roughly a hundred wineries. And have exclusivity of many private labels, such as Saint-Vincent, Crown, Chateau Cissac, Chateau De Breuil, Amor Eternal, Clinet, Mousquetaire Athos, Garment De Moulins in French wine collection, and Catania, Museum, Matator, Remoys, La Conquista, And ICONO in Spanish wine collection, Lunar collection, Parliament collection and Amor Costante and Chilean Altaro collection, 200 labels totally. We have a commodity inspection authority supervised warehouse of 3600 square meters sustaining a stock of one million bottles. On this basis, we are capable of providing advices on selecting wines from France, Germany Italy Spain and Australia, on brand planning, on marketing operation, on wine education and certification and on winery visits. We also undertake customs clearance for wine importers.

As the popularizing of wine culture, threshold of importing wine lowered a lot, more and more company is entering the wine industry. In this context, while the newcomers sprung up and fierced the competition, we, who constantly focus on its primary goal, are doing our best to maintain the perfection in every detail of our service. We insist on ‘Serve With Caution and Charge With Conscience ‘.  We don’t make margin on price difference, we profit from impeccable services on selecting wines, customs clearance, logistics and steady supply.

As an officially authorized unit of ISG wine education agent, we also devote on generalizing wine culture. We offer professional advices on wine selection  and marketing by means of wine education.

Work with us, you will get not only high performance-price ratio wines, but also an opportunity to make history together with us.

Welcome to Zhongxi, to consult wine sales, discuss partnership, cooperate and make history!


Our Aim  

To be the top brand in imported wine industry

We make the miracle in China wine industry: in a few years, we increased our product collections, assets and employees to ten times as the beginning and make Zhongxi the leading company in this industry.

We are China Association of Alcoholic appraised ‘Excellent Wine Distributor’ and the ‘Marketing Foregoer of Wine Industry’

We are a Senior Vice Chairman Company of Guangdong Spirit Industry Association

We have an inspection supervised Iso-Temprature warehouse of 3600 square meters

800,000 bottles of stock at least

200 labels from 9 countries

100% original imported wines

High rate of return with 0 risk

Operation Philosophy: serve with caution and charge with conscience

To keep pace with the times, while we were wine importer 3 years ago, we developed 1000 distribution points; now we are wine importers’ facilitator, we are not just doing buying and selling with our customers, we help them select wines from foreign wineries, develop their own brand, help them with customs clearance, logistics and offer finance support. In the near future, we will sure create great value for our partners by providing services.

We’re expecting your partnership weather as joint operation or a branch of us.

Our Concepts

Profession: the president Mr. Ling Chunming is recommended by China Association of Wine Industry and authorized by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as a ‘State-Level First Rate Sommelier’, and he is also the Chief Lecturer in China branch of International Sommelier Guild.

Devotion: we’re goal-oriented with no deviation; we work with perseverance to keep our products quality and services efficiency in their perfection. We keep improving ourselves, insist on our original philosophy to devote ourselves to this career and sustain the rapid development of the enterprise.

Conscience: It’s a small world, news travels fast, that’s why public praise matters. To get public praise, we serve them with conscience, refuse adulterated wines, be honest and dependable to the customers, and reliable to our staff.

Faith: There are millions of imported wines, what keeps the customers trusting us? The answer is faith.  Profession, devotion and conscience concurrently give them faith. Staff has faith in their company, customers have faith in their supplier, and the public have faith in the enterprise.

Corporate culture: To satisfy our customers, our staffs, our company, even our country

Our Attitude

We stand together with the company regardless the situation, unite the goal, and make feats!

Staff is the footstone of enterprise development, without first-rate staff, we make no first rate company. So we firmly believe that our staff is the most valuable treasure and the core competence.

To be a first rate staff, one shall first have optimistic attitude

The one with passion, will soar his career here, make achievement, and be a pillar stone of the enterprise. And when time matures, pioneer his own frontiers, establish a dependant kingdom

The one like easy life, will be a good backup for development, be a member of the happy family, share the weal or woe, and take responsibility, works under the safe wing of the company.

In this immigrant’s city-Shenzhen, we are all immigrants; we build our own home here and make family here.

We believe that, people born to be good, we see the good point in our staff and vice-versa.  As long as we have this attitude, we could vision better tomorrow.

   Professional Quality: Loyalty, Progress, Teamwork, Responsible.

Service Philosophy: Satisfy Customers, Assure Partners.

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