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Zhongxi Elite / zhongxi Elite
Chunpeng Ling
Posted: 2014-08-14  Views:

Mr. Ling Chunpeng

Shenzhen Zhongxi Wines Company Board Member

Shenzhen Zhongxi Wines Company General Manager

ISG Certified Sommelier

Excellent Entrepreneur Of Guangdong Wine Industry


After years of endeavor, Mr. Ling got the company daily management to standard track, established the enterprise culture of profession, devotion, Conscience, faith. He insists on expanding the company to assure our distributors better support. He positions the company as not only an importer , but also a facilitator for our partners, and this enable us to expand our market share and extend our market to the whole country, win us reliance and respect from our distributors and partners, and earn big fame and praise.

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